The Book of Judges - Week 7

Pastor Marshall Ochs | July 14, 2019

In this message, Pastor Marshall teaches through Judges 17-18. These chapters tell the story of a man named Micah, a Levite, and the Israelite tribe of Dan. Micah’s mother pays a silversmith to form an image of God that her son uses as idol worship in his home. Micah hires a Levite to affirm his idolatrous lifestyle and convinces himself that God is pleased with his choices. The tribe of Dan hires the Levite, who is the grandson of Moses, to become their personal priest, and they steal the idols from Micah’s home. Everyone in this story is convinced they are pleasing God, but none of them are obeying God. This story reminds us that if we reform God into an image that we find appealing, we will ultimately serve a God that does not exist.