The Book of Judges - Week 1

Pastor Marshall Ochs | June 2, 2019

In this message, Pastor Marshall teaches through Judges 1-5. This story takes place after Israel entered the Promised Land, and Joshua died. God commanded Israel to eliminate the evil tribes inhabiting the land, but Israel decided to disobey. They built homes, planted gardens, and ignored the commandments of God. Because of this disobedience, they continually turned back to sin and cried out to God for salvation. In these five chapters, salvation came in the form of a Judge named Ehud and Deborah. As we study the scripture, reflect on how the choices of Israel mirror our choices in our Christian walk. Jesus asks us to obey Him, but we often only follow part of His commands and ignore others. This attitude of partial obedience is no obedience at all, and it leads us back to a life of hardship and slavery to sin.