The Resurrection

When I was growing up, our home church did a passion play every Easter. It was impressive. Two nights with a packed house, Jesus riding in on a donkey, and later being raised up into heaven. Church can't get more exciting than that for a twelve year old.  

The Easter season was a big deal for us. Not only were we involved as a family with the play each year, but we also received baskets of goodies. Who doesn't want more Lip Smackers to add to their I right? All the 90's girls say yeah! 

I remember as kid watching this play over and over again. The scene that stuck with me the most? The Resurrection. Two tall angels with swords would step out and roll away the massive stone from the tomb. There would be bright light, smoke, and Arise My Love being sang. I can still feel myself sitting in an itchy, fabric covered chair and goosebumps going down my arms. Jesus being raised from the dead. 

Isn't that amazing? Jesus not only died for our sins, but He was raised back into the land of the living. All the time bringing glory to God! 

The Easter season is a time I want and should celebrate on the daily. Without the death and resurrection of my Savior, I would be and have nothing to live for. In my darkest and loneliest moments, I can sink to my knees and give thanks to God for sending His son in fleshly form to die for me. God did what He said He would do. He was and is faithful to His word. 

I pray that as you walk out your faith on the daily, you are encouraged by the fact that you have a Savior. 

- Ashlyn Forstall


Kari Jobe