Longing For Home

I traveled to San Francisco this week on business. I work for a design company and we were hired to film some web videos. The trip was three and a half days long, and we were 2,000 miles from where I call home; I really missed home. I missed my kid’s funny stories, I missed talking to my wife, and I missed home-cooked meals. When I am away from my family I have a longing for home. 

During the trip I spent some time thinking about this longing for my earthly home as well as my longing for a new home in eternity. See, we are promised a home in eternity because of Jesus's resurrection. Before the resurrection we were plagued with sin and death. There was no longing for home because we had no home. In fact, before Christ's work on the cross we, were orphans with no family and no home. However, because of Jesus we now have a home and a family. 

So there I was, 30,000 ft above the US, longing for my physical home and my eternal home. I was thinking about the work of Jesus and how that fits into what our church has been studying with the idea of firstfruits. We talked last week about the role that Hebrew feasts played in giving God the best from every harvest. It was a sign that God was faithful, and they could rejoice in what was coming because of what they had to give. This principle continues into the New Testament with the resurrection of Jesus.

His resurrection is a really big deal. Without it there is no eternal life, no forgiveness of sins, no removal of guilt for those sins, no eternity to long for and no family to belong to. When Jesus rose from the dead it was the firstfrutis of an amazing new life for us. This resurrection reminds us that God is faithful to His children, and it reminds us that we have amazing things to look forward to in eternity. 

The resurrection of Jesus is a really big deal.

When Jesus rose from the dead He beat death and formed a family that will last forever. This reality should create a longing in our heart for the things to come. We shouldn’t be so easily satisfied with small wins or earthly success when we are called to root our joy in what is promised through the resurrection of the dead. Simply put, when we place our faith in Christ we inherit eternal life. Our home becomes something more than an earthly house, and our family becomes more than a wife, kids, brothers, and sisters. The resurrection should create in our soul a deep longing for the day when all things will be set right and family has no expiration date.

When we place our faith in Christ we inherit eternal life.

I'm excited to explore Jesus as the firstfruits of our resurrection this Sunday. If you would like to study ahead for this weeks message, check out 1 Corinthians 15:1-25. 

- Marshall Ochs


A few things to pray for

As you spend time in prayer this week, join with us by praying for these things:

  • Pray for a deep and rich understanding of the resurrection of Jesus. 
  • Pray for clear eyes to see how all things in the Kingdom are made available through Christ. 
  • Pray for a change in your lifestyle that better reflects the principle of firstfruits.