New Location. New Time.

In November 2013, Red Hills Church was birthed. As many stories of church plants go, we started meeting in the living room of someone’s home. Sounds familiar, right? You can probably predict that we then began meeting in a storefront shortly after that. This is where Red Hills Church has been gathering since January 2014. What is not so predictable is how this came about – another church in Tallahassee.

Through a God-connection, we were put in touch with a staff member at Four Oaks Church in Tallahassee, FL and learned they had an unoccupied unit in the shopping center, which they own and also where they gather. As we inquired about leasing this space, we braced ourselves for a large monthly payment, but through the generosity of Four Oaks Church, their pastor, and leaders, Red Hills Church had the opportunity to meet in a great location for a small monthly fee. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness shown to us by Four Oaks Church and are encouraged and challenged to follow their example of supporting the local body of Christ in our region. We bless them and are honored to serve this community along side them.

This location will always be meaningful to us as it represents the start of Red Hills Church along with the goodness of God and the generosity of His followers. 

After Easter, we realized it was time to look for a slightly larger location. We prayed, searched, and inquired through the summer, yet encountered many dead ends. We did not feel rushed, but our excitement was starting to cause impatience. But we knew it had to be in God's timing. 

At a Red Hills Church team meeting, the American Legion Hall at Lake Ella was mentioned. It resonated with everyone and as we pursued meeting in this location, the doors began to open. The next thing we knew, we were signing a lease to rent this facility on Sunday mornings. 

As the season is changing in Tallahassee, we now face a change of season for our church. This means a new location and a new gathering time. 

We are happy to announce that beginning Sunday, October 5, 2014, Red Hills Church will gather at the American Legion Hall at Lake Ella at 10:00am.

As we look forward to what is ahead, we look back with grateful hearts. We are grateful to the believers God has sent to start this journey with us; grateful to Four Oaks for their support and generosity; and grateful to Jesus for loving, saving, and calling us to serve Him and the Red Hills region.